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3 steps to become a drug-free workplace

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Don't think "casual" illegal drug use and abuse is affecting your company? Think again! According to the National Safety Council, employee drug use is costing you money and enabling your employees.

"Estimates for the total costs of lost productivity due to prescription drug misuse in the United States vary widely, from $25.6 billion to $53.4 billion. One study found drug misuse was responsible for a 17% reduction in productivity for men and an 18% reduction in productivity for women. Worker productivity can be affected by prescription drug misuse or prescription medication use disorders because of more frequent absenteeism, job turnover and presenteeism." (

So how can you as a manager, business owner, or CEO influence your workplace to becoming a drug free environment?

1. Contact your worker's compensation insurance agent.

Most states provide a financial incentive on your worker's compensation insurance policy premium if you have a drug-free workplace policy. Contact your agent to determine what they require for you to receive the discount.

2. Determine where and by what method the drug testing will be conducted.

Before you establish your policy, you need to partner with a local drug testing company for them to guide you through the various testing options and methods they can conduct. You will also need to decide what events and situations will require a drug test. Consult your state's statutes for additional details on what is required in the policy. Even better, ask if the testing company is able to establish a drug free policy for you! If you are a business or organization in the Tampa Bay, Florida area, contact All For Life so we can set up your drug-free workplace. (Mention this blog post for a account set-up discount.)

3. Publish your drug-free workplace policy and notify all employees.

Each state is different with how you are to implement your drug-free workplace. Most states require existing and new employees to sign the policy before it can be active. In addition, existing employees may have to undergo a drug screen upon acceptance of the policy. Your state's statutes, worker's compensation insurance agent and drug testing company will help you along the way- don't hesitate to ask them for help.

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