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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to conduct random drug screens at my organization if I have a drug free workplace policy?

I send my employees to a lab for drug testing.  How would my organization and employees benefit from on-site drug and alcohol screenings?

What are the differences between a 5 panel, 10 panel and 12 panel drug screens?  Which one should my organization use?

While random testing is not required, it is highly recommended and beneficial.

Even though random drug testing is not mandatory to maintain a drug free workplace, it is highly effective and beneficial.  Random drug screening helps reduce the number of accidents and creates a safer workplace. It can also provide a more stable work environment that encourages healthy lifestyle choices.  

On site services are more efficient, less expensive and convenient for your organization and employees.

On site screenings have numerous benefits to both the employer and the employee.  Below are just a few ways our mobile screening services can help your organization.

  • Immediate results

  • Screens can be completed in a matter of minutes compared to the hours of paid time the employee is spent at a lab.

  • Screens can be conducted at any hour of the day and at alternative locations.

  • Scheduled at your convenience

Any DOT screen is required to be a 5 panel test.  We can help your organization decide which test (s) are best!

We are able to offer 12 panel rapid drug screens, 5 panel DOT screens and a variety of other drug screen options.  Each drug screen panel reflects the types of drug being tested.  We meet with our clients to discuss their needs, describe the available screens and help guide them in choosing the most appropriate screens for their organization. 

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