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Follow these easy steps to schedule a fingerprinting service through All For Life:


  1. Have your FDLE ORI, ACHA ORI and / or OCA number available (if applicable).

  2. Schedule an appointment @                         or

  3. On the day of your appointment, bring your photo ID and cash or card payment.



Fingerprinting is the first step to obtaining a background screen for your employer, school, professional license and more.  

Since we are only submitting your fingerprints to specific government agencies, we do not have access to the results of your background screen.  

We provide fingerprinting at your location (subject to an on site fee) and at our office.  

Fees will vary.  We will provide a quote for services when you schedule your appointment.


You can check the status of your fingerprinting using your Transaction Control Number (TCN) through the FDLE website's TCN search.


Keep in mind, this is just one step of the process.  Always check with the agency or employer who is requesting the background check to ensure that it has been received. 

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