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Encouraging positive life choices


Childhood Home: Pennsylvania

Hobbies: Running, SUP, kayaking 

Crystal began learning the value of hard work and small business logistics while 

growing up on her family's Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. Her career experience teaching in a high 

school and founding a transitional housing ministry exposed how debilitating illegal drug usage is to a community.  In addition, Crystal has been a law enforcement wife for 15 years and understands the stresses and hazards first responder families experience daily. 

Crystal models a focused but compassionate work ethic to her three girls as owner of a Woman Based Enterprise!

Crystal Komis


Ext. 101


Childhood Home: Illinois

Hobbies:  F3 workouts, aviation

Caleb brings extensive experience in both the business and service realms. Working his way through college as an EMT, he was exposed to the life of a first responder. After transitioning into a successful career in law enforcement, he spent the next 15 years rising through the ranks. He has seen firsthand how drugs and alcohol have impacted lives on both sides of the badge with devastating results.

As a supervisor he understood the need for a compassionate but firm system of accountability to protect not only the employee but the organization and community as well.  He looks forward to working with you and the community to encourage positive life choices!

Caleb Komis

Vice President

Ext. 102


Childhood Home: Michigan

Hobbies:  Photography, traveling

Scott is a long time resident of the area and a retired paramedic from Manatee County EMS. He continues to serve his community by providing accountability and expertise at All For Life. He enjoys spending time with his family and energetic lab.  Scott frequently volunteers for the Hernando de Soto Historical Society.  As the owner of his own mobile disc jockey business, you might just see him at your next celebratory event!

Scott Kemp

Director of Operations

Ext. 103


Our Mission:

  • To partner with the community in an effort to preserve, grow and encourage life.

  • To provide drug, alcohol and background screening tools and services with the focus on accountability, encouragement and well-being.

  • We are a community focused business dedicated to creating and sustaining drug and alcohol free workplace environments.

  • As a family owned and oriented organization, we desire to make our services accessible and applicable to fulfill the needs of our customers for safe and healthy lifestyles. 

  • We value the dedication and sacrifice of our first responders by offering services tailored to their careers. 

Core Values:

All For Life is the continuation of a story built on service. In 2001, Industrial Medical Management was created by a local paramedic in response to hearing of a need from a law enforcement agency. After years of refining the skills and services offered to other local first responder agencies, a family business was started. At Your Service was created by the paramedic’s wife and expanded services to local businesses. In 2019, Crystal and Caleb Komis purchased both business names and created the All For Life name to consolidate the services and provide singular focus for ALL clients.


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