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Public Health Emergency!!! 70,237 deaths

At the time of this post, states across the US are implementing quarantines. Despite what you may think, this post is not discussing COVID-19. Those headlines are from 2017 and reflect the government’s response to drug overdose deaths. President Trump declared opioid drug overdoses a public health emergency which helped open funding to prevent and treat those using drugs illegally. While those efforts helped, 2018 still had 67,367 deaths. (

While many employers feel that their employees would not use drugs that affect their ability to work, the Department of Transportation (DOT) found an alarming increase in positive drug tests for employees such as airline pilots, bus drivers, truck drivers, etc. The DOT has mandated a doubling of the random tests for their regulated employees in 2020.

What might be found at your workplace?

Cost is always a cited concern regarding a drug free workplace. While we at All For Life believe each life saved is priceless, contact us today to implement a policy for you that our clients have found to cost just a few hundred dollars each year! As we are currently seeing, even small steps can help solve a bigger problem. Join us as we work, ALL FOR LIFE!

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